Back Splashes on Outdoor Kitchens

Back splashes are an important component for outdoor kitchens because they provide protection, serve as a focal point, and can be used to visually refocus your view onto the cooking – entertaining area.
For example, the backsplash featured keeps wind from blowing into the grill and damaging components. It also helps with rain protection as well. The height is high enough to allow us to showcase a beautiful marble backsplash that is backlit with LED lighting under the cap. Additionally, while not being too high and enclosing the area it also partially obstructs the view of the neighbor close by. Consider doing an 18” to 24” high backsplash to keep the area open, allow smoke to escape without the use of a ventilation hood and showcase an interesting material. Please note: a neutral, easy to clean material is always great becuase it will hide any build up of smoke over time and be easier to clean and maintain.

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