Boca Raton Outdoor Living Space Transformation in Progress

Hi, welcome to South Florida for another outdoor project. Let’s check out what Outdoor FL is doing this week. What we have here, as you can see, is a beautiful view. One way to enhance that view is make a great entertainment, cooking, shower, shaded area for the entire experience while you’re on the water. What we’re doing over here is we’re doing a masonry bar which we’re going to wrap in a beautiful river rock, ipe wood with a poured concrete countertop. It’s going to look fantastic. Over here, we’re finishing up the final touches on an outdoor pergola that’ll accent the barbecue area but also provide some function where we can put some lighting in for task lighting. Then, the third is having a place that we can shower, and clean up. What we have is an elegant 14 high outdoor shower.

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