Top 5 Tips!

1). Take Your Time: You have waited this long…why not evaluate all the options, costs and pros-cons so you can make better decisions.

2). Find a Licensed Contractor: The Goal is to build a project with a company you can trust. Licensed Building Contractors are held to the highest standards and may cost a little more but offer a lot more control by you, the home owner.

3). Look At Lots Of Photos: The more photos our clients seem to review the closer they get to understanding what they do and don’t like and want out of

4). Set a Budget: Knowing how much you wish to spend will help you with decisions about what to do and not to do. Also, please remember that projects can be completed in stages as well.

5). Understand Timelines: : It is important to understand timelines related to the permitting process, typical weather delays, and lead times for materials before starting the project so you can best be prepared and not surprised by permitting-weather related delays, etc. Your contractor can provide you with typical timelines prior to beginning the project.

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